Days 98 – 106 – San Francisco and Fort Bragg, CA; Redwood National Park

Redwood National Park

While we were in Yosemite National Park we hiked quite a bit, combined with our long drive to San Francisco we were exhausted. Regardless we were greeted with drinks and a good time at our friend’s apartment before we finally knocked out from exhaustion.

The next morning our friend Mario showed us around via public transportation, most who live in San Francisco don’t have cars because the transportation systems can pretty much get you where ever you want without having to worry about finding parking. We explored San Francisco’s hippie district, Haight Street, for a while and got some Mexican food. I ordered “super tacos”, which are just regular tacos that are WAY too big, delicious nonetheless! Later that night we went for dinner at Kiki Japanese Restaurant for sushi.

Crissy Field in San Francisco

The next day we visited Chrissy Field to get a view of the Golden Gate Bridge and took some photos. We were able to walk out on the dock and get a view of the cityscape and Alcatraz Island. Later in the day we met up with one of Elliot’s good friends, Keith, and we caught up a bit. The next morning we got up early to get our oil changed (our 3rd oil change on the road trip!).  When we were finished we all explored Golden Gate Park, we didn’t even see half of it because it’s so big but it’s certainly a must-see while you’re in the city. Our last night in the city we went to see Marco Benevento at The Independent and had a great time! The next day was meant for recovery, we chilled out and ordered a bunch of food via UberEATS for the first time. San Francisco is really big on delivery, so we made sure to to take advantage of it while we were there.

After recovering we drove to the Sacramento airport to pick up my friend, Amanda, who just got back from Turks and Caicos. We spent the next few days with her in the small town where she lives then headed over to Fort Bragg to see Glass Beach in person. We found out about Glass Beach from photos and videos shared on Facebook. It looks really cool in photos but when you get there it’s kind of just disappointing. The shore has a decent amount of sea glass, but when you realize that it’s all there because the county used to dump a bunch of trash into the ocean it kind of grosses you out. Fort Bragg is a cute town though, and the drive to the coast was beautiful.

The next stop for us was to see Redwood National Park. From Fort Bragg the drive up to Redwood should’ve been a straight shot up the Pacific Coast Highway, but if you remember from our Big Sur experience, Highway 1 was having a lot of issues with rock slides. The north part of the highway was no different. Instead of taking a 2 1/2 hour drive north the drive took us 9 hours because we had to drive way back east then take I-5 all the way up, then drive back to the coast… Learn from our mistakes when driving in California, check the road conditions before you get out there! When we got closer to the park we were able to see first hand the damage that the rock slides cause. Highway 299 endured a rock slide in December, when we drove through in April there was still only one lane of the road open. Honestly, it was pretty insane to see. I was sleeping while Elliot was driving and woke up to see the road work. The flaggers had fires going next to them to keep warm and there was still a ton of rocks and trees in the closed lane. I can’t imagine the amount of work and money that goes into clearing something like that.

Our day in Redwood was well spent, we did a short hike and were able to admire the tall trees and streams from the depths of the forest. While we were there we saw a whole field of elk and the tallest tree in the park. Someone actually wanted to cut the tree down at one point and turn the stump into a dance floor. The park has a great vantage point to view the Pacific Ocean from, so afterwards we went up to eat some lunch and wait for the rain to die down. The rain finally let up, we gained a bit of visibility and we were able to see a grey whale, migrating north for summer!

Before we headed north on the Pacific Coast Highway to Oregon we stopped into a gift shop to check out the tallest Paul Bunyan statue in the country, and of course to admire all of the Sasquatch memorabilia. Before we knew it we were in Oregon!


3 thoughts on “Days 98 – 106 – San Francisco and Fort Bragg, CA; Redwood National Park

  1. i did almost the exact same road trip last year, but heading down the coast instead of up. i loved the redwoods and exploring san francisco. We tried to drive to big sur too but couldn’t get to it because it was on fire at the time. they cant catch a break! looks like your having an awesome road trip!


    1. It’s really too bad that Big Sur is having such big problems! I just heard today that somewhere on highway 1 got another rockslide, hoping it wasn’t in that area, I can’t imagine how the locals would handle it :/
      But yes, it’s been amazing, we’ll just have to go back someday to see what we missed out on won’t we?!

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