Days 52 & 53 – Fort Worth & Dallas, TX

National Cow Girl Museum Photo Booth

We had a pretty late arrival going into Fort Worth. We were spending time with a friend that lives in Austin and the drive to Fort Worth is a little more than 3 hours. We got to stay with Elliot’s mom’s cousins and they really showed us how to have a good time in Texas! Austin was a very cool area to hang out in, but it was very culturally different from Fort Worth; they’re staying very true to their Western roots!

After getting broken into in San Antonio it was nice to have a house to hang out in to get ourselves back on track. Our first afternoon there we didn’t waste much time in trying some Texas style barbeque. Apparently Texas is big on Dr. Pepper barbeque sauce, and while I’m not too big on either things I tried it, and it was pretty damn good! Later that night we went out to Elliot’s cousin’s job at The Live Oak where they have live music every single night.

Sundance Square

The next morning we got up and explored Sundance Square, we just did some window shopping but otherwise there’s a bunch of stores and restaurants if you’ve got the time! Afterwards we made our way over to The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, it was an awesome time checking out all of their exhibits on famous women in the West! We got to see Barbara Van Cleve’s photo gallery, if you love (or even just like!) horses and/or photography, do yourself a favor and check out her work! It was stunning seeing her life from the point of view from her camera. Besides the photo gallery there’s a ton of cool artifacts from rodeo winnings to their show costumes and even their old cowgirl boots. We also had a great deal of fun with the photo booths and the museum! You can choose a backdrop and put yourself “back in time” and be as silly as you want.

National Cowgirl Museum

That night, because we didn’t get enough of the rodeo culture from the museum we visited The Stockyards. We went out to dinner to the Horseshoe Hill Cowboy Cafe where I tried chicken fried steak for the first time, another Texas favorite! It was an awesome meal, and it was big enough (“Texas sized enough”) to save a bunch for lunch the next day. When we finished dinner the Stockyard’s Rodeo had just begun so we bought our tickets and found some seats and got ready for the madness that was about to ensue. We saw everything from bull riding to lasso tricks, the show we saw even had cowgirls performing! However, one of the bull riders did get hurt, and they never did update us about how he was doing! Hope he was okay, because it was pretty unsettling to sit through the show after watching that, alas… The show must go on!

Stockyards in Fort Worth

The next day we checked out Dallas for a few hours, we got there a bit later than we planned though so we didn’t quite get to see everything we wanted to. There’s a JFK museum at Dealey Plaza called The Sixth Floor that we wanted to check out but they had stopped selling tickets by the time we got there. We got to stop by the John F. Kennedy Memorial and snap a photo before we went to get dinner. We attempted to go to the Pecan Lodge, because we heard it was the best barbeque in Dallas… but you couldn’t pay me to wait in the line that was outside. Instead we went to Uncle Uber’s Sammich Shop and had a great meal AND a short wait!

JFK Memorial

Fort Worth definitely treated us quite well, the food was great and there was a ton of entertainment. Before leaving the area though Elliot’s cousin’s boyfriend let us stay at his family’s house that’s right on the Brazos River. It was a great opportunity to relax by ourselves and plan out our next few days. Right before sundown we went kayaking down the river and were surprised to see horses greeting us at the river’s edge! There were six horses and each came down to the river to take a drink right in front of us, if I wasn’t so worried about losing my phone or camera to the water I would’ve taken a photo, but the risk is just too high for me! It was a great few days filled with food, drinks and horses!


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