Days 48 – 50 – San Antonio & Austin, TX

Murphy’s Law: Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. While Elliot and I expected a few bumps in the road trip we didn’t quite expect what happened to us in San Antonio to happen. But before I re-tell that story I’ll say some positive words about San Antonio. Monday afternoon we made our way up from Padre Island, we got a late start so instead of cooking breakfast or lunch we grabbed Whattaburger, a fast food chain that is more or less a pretty normal burger place but they’re on every block like Dunkin’ is up north. It was a good experience!

We finally got to San Antonio and didn’t have much time before the sunset so we just took a stroll down the San Antonio Riverwalk. We passed many stores and restaurants, all of which claimed to have the best tacos or margaritas in the area. We decided it was best to research the best tacos in the area before just diving in. The Riverwalk was a really cool area to check out, we just didn’t want anything to eat so we walked over to Hemisfair Park where the Tower of the Americas is located. We walked around a bit and enjoyed all of the fountains and randomly placed artwork. That night we camped at Cascade Caverns about 45 minutes away from the city. They only charge $20 for camping and don’t take reservations but they’ve got showers! We didn’t explore the caverns because we’re waiting for New Mexico to do that, but the site was great and quiet! 

The next morning we drove back down to San Antonio, to do more sightseeing. Our first stop was The Alamo. We paid $7 for one audio tour, it was a bit quiet to hear but as long as you don’t mind being too close to hear the tour at the same time, then you really don’t need to buy two. Otherwise it’s free to explore the grounds, unless you want a tour of the battlefield with a tour guide. The audio guide was very informative and helped us understand how the church was used in the war. It’s kind of a funny area though, obviously they can’t move The Alamo, but I had always imagined it being in the middle of nowhere but it’s right downtown! 

We were about to finish up and put our pamphlets and postcards in the car so we didn’t have to carry them to the next stop when Elliot got a phone call from his Chase banking about fraudulent charges being made. We had just used his debit card the day before for something but I was sure we put it back in his wallet. We were on our way back to the car to drop our things off and see if the card was in there and I just knew we either left our car unlocked… (and trust me, that wouldn’t happen) or someone broke into our car. Sure enough, we got back and our window was smashed. 

Sure enough, the wallet that was tucked away was missing along with almost all of our camping supplies, laptop, camera lenses, alcohol, backpack with travel journals inside and our lanterns. We called the police and my insurance and went through the whole process to make a claim. My insurance company was really great in helping us find a glass shop so far away from home and it was completely covered by my insurance, but everything that was missing was gone. 

Since it was most of our camping gear that was stolen we thought the person was more than likely homeless. When we were done with the police officers we drove around for a while trying to scope out if we could see any of our things. Of course we left empty handed and our plans for the day were pretty much ruined. We didn’t feel comfortable leaving my broken window anywhere to continue sightseeing, not that our mood would’ve allowed us to have a good time. Instead we got tacos at Tito’s Mexican Restaurant because they conveniently had a patio to sit at and they, of course, had tacos! The restaurant was a great way to end our not so great day. 

That night so many people reached out to us to make sure we were alright and somewhere safe for the night. We’ve never been so overwhelmed from all the concern everyone showed us and we are so grateful for all of the help we received. We can’t thank everyone enough. We stayed in our first hotel room that night, Best Western let us park right outside the front door so they could keep an eye on our window and it was right in view of the security camera as well. We slept well knowing that the things we had left were safe. 

The next morning we got up early to get my window fixed, checked out some pawn shops in hopes we’d see some of our things then headed up to Austin. Among the things that were stolen from us were our travel plans so we didn’t even know what we wanted to do exactly when we got there. We started with HOPE Outdoor Gallery, its this huge area where graffiti artists of all different styles come to spray paint their own work. 

Next we got tacos at El Tacorrido on North Lamar. Quick and simple, but AMAZING! We had some time to kill in the city before meeting up with a friend so we stopped at a Walmart and Best Buy to replace some of our stolen things. We met up with our friend for a short hike down the Barton Clark Greenbelt for the sunset and unfortunately missed out on the Bat Bridge but it was fun seeing an old friend! Afterwards we went to 6th street to celebrate National Margarita Day, pretty much every bar had $2 drink specials going on. Austin definitely treated us better than San Antonio!


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