Day 31 – Atlanta, GA

Whale Shark at Georgia Aquarium

The first day of our second month on the road, day 31! We spent the day in Atlanta, since we were only spending one day there we only did a few things but we spent a lot of time doing them. First we went to the Georgia Aquarium, next we visited the Centennial Olympic Park and finally we visited the Sun Dial Restaurant to see the view of the big city.

Jellyfish at Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the Western hemisphere, it’s also the only aquarium in the Western hemisphere that has whale sharks (which are actually fish!). It was a Saturday afternoon, so of course it was busy… But we wanted to make our spent money worth it, so we spent a lot of time here and made sure to catch a few shows. The sea lion show is pretty new, and really adorable. If you ever visit, definitely take the time to show up early so you can get a seat – it’s worth it! While we were walking through the Ocean Voyager exhibit we had one question that popped into our head that really puzzled us… They had two GIGANTIC whale sharks, how on earth did they get to the tank in Georgia?! When we were finished with the walk-through tunnel we stumbled upon a dive-show that was almost finished, but they answered our question without us even having to ask. Apparently they made a deal with Taiwan to buy the two whale sharks, and UPS delivered them to Georgia! They were only 10 feet long when they got to the aquarium, but we still thought it was pretty bizarre.

When we finally thought we saw everything that we could see we left the aquarium to visit the Centennial Olympic Park that was conveniently right across the street. The park had been used for part of the 1996 Summer Olympics, then completed shortly after the Olympics was over. Today the park see millions of visitors a year and many events are held here. I had a pretty great time walking around the park as many of the monuments are PokeStops (yes, I’m still on this Pokemon Go kick, it makes it even better now that we’re traveling!). While it was a great walk there wasn’t that much to do there since it was pretty chilly so we made our way to the Sun Dial after a little while.

Are you afraid of heights? Maybe visiting the Sun Dial Restaurant isn’t for you. But if you can stomach the elevator ride up to the 72nd floor of the The Westin then I think paying the $8 viewing fee is worth it. And if you feel up to spending some money I suppose you could get some dinner. We opted for the $8 option, but the view was amazing! However, we thought the whole restaurant and bar moved, it’s really only the top floor that rotates… You still get the 360 degree view from the top though, so we found it to be a very awesome concept and we had a great time checking out the views.

I wished we had stuck around for sunset but we had to get back to the car to make our way to our next campsite for the night. We did some free camping in Dallas, GA and I’m not quite sure that we camped in the right spot exactly… But it worked out, we camped where my car could manage to get to and nobody came by to tell us that we couldn’t so it was a good night. It was cold, but since we managed to get there early we made due and set up our tent anyways!


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