Days 25 – 30 – Siesta Key, FL

Myakka River State Park

Monday night we got settled into Siesta Key and had only planned on staying one full day, but that quickly changed when we realized how many things there were to do in the area. The parking is free along Beach Road and Midnight Pass, the beaches are open until midnight, there’s kayaking & hiking in the area and SUPER awesome happy hours… This was all enough to make us stay a few extra days.

Tuesday afternoon we went to Myakka River State Park. We were told to go on the Canopy Walk Trail, but after hiking through the Smoky’s we found it to be pretty underwhelming. While we had a trail map, nothing was clearly marked (or we don’t know how to read maps) but we found some different trails to take and it was pretty damn cool. We were out in the sun for hours, we packed a lunch and we were pretty sure a hawk was circling us and we had a contingency plan for if it did swoop down for our lunch… but it didn’t happen! We both fell in a few holes along the way that we think some armadillos dug up, but other than the birds and some alligators we didn’t really see much else on our walk.

After Myakka River State Park we visited Siesta Beach to see the sunset. It was the right time of day, but it was just TOO nice of a day. Who complains about that though? There were just no clouds in the sky, I always feel like a bit of clouds makes for a great sunset. There were still some great colors though!

Siesta Beach


Wednesday morning I just wasn’t feeling well at all. Looking back at the things I’ve been eating along the way, I decided that a change in my diet was necessary; at least to see if it changed anything. We took most of the day “off”, but still later that day we made our way down to Beach Road to visit some of the stores and check out the main strip. We saw a bunch of signs for the Clydesdale horses so we decided to grab some drinks to see them. We were pleasantly surprised by the happy hour pricing!

Our last morning there we finally went kayaking, the family we were staying with had a double kayak and a paddle board so we strapped everything into their truck and headed out. We launched our kayak off the opposite side of Turtle Beach. There was supposed to be a secret beach that’s only reachable by boat, but it was low tide so we couldn’t make it to it! We kept getting stuck, so we paddled alongside of a wildlife preserve for a few hours. We had some snacks, then finally paddled back. After we paddled back we didn’t have much time, we planned to hang out with our buddy Mike from home because he happened to be in Tampa! It was only a little over an hour from where we were staying so it worked out great, we definitely miss home a bit and seeing somebody that we are so close to was a great reminder of home.

Bayfront Park

The next morning we left to go to the Atlanta, GA area. But before we left we were told we had to check out Bayfront Park, so we did just that. They have a gigantic statue from the Unconditional Surrender when World War II ended in 1945, it was amazing! Not quite sure why it’s in Sarasota, but whatever! The ride up to the Atlanta area was pretty good, we were only spending one full day in Atlanta so we had to make it worth it. The night we got there I met one of my best friends for the first time! We hadn’t ever met in person, but have been talking for years. It was a great experience and I’m glad that we finally made it happen. We were supposed to camp that night, but it was a lot colder than we had expected. We ended up sleeping in the car in a Love’s parking lot, it worked out a lot better than sleeping in the tent, but it wasn’t at all comfortable. But it everything worked out regardless.


One thought on “Days 25 – 30 – Siesta Key, FL

  1. Glad you had a nice visit in Siesta Key! I wish I was still there. Glad you were treated well by the Kennedys. Safe travels. Xoxo


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