Day 15 – Charleston, SC

Arthur Ravenel Bridge in Charleston

As I said in my last post, it’s been a while since we’ve gotten the chance to post anything! KOA advertises that they’ve got wifi but it’s no where near what you would want it to be when you want to upload photos and content to a blog.

Before we left the Outer Banks we made sure to call the ferry company that we were supposed to be taking south from Hatteras, it was a good thing that we called because it wasn’t running until much later that day. Kind of put a damper on our already damp day, but at least we hadn’t wasted our time driving down to find out for ourselves. Otherwise our drive to Charleston went very smoothly. It rained on and off but nothing too ridiculous. Our original plan when we got to the Charleston area was to camp for free in the Francis Marion National Forest. However, but the time we got to the trail every site was taken. The closest free camping that was nearby was another 15 miles north. We decided against the free site since there was a possibility no sites would be open there either and searched for a KOA instead. It ended up working out!

Rainbow Row

The next day was for exploring the city! We parked our car relatively in the middle of everything so we could walk around. We walked around the historic district where Rainbow Row is first. It was a cool block to walk down, and people still live in those houses! It was too bad that there’s parking along the whole side of the street though, it made it difficult to take photos.

After walking through the historic district we took a tour through Fort Sumpter. The tour took us on a ferry to get to the island, while it was a pretty nice day out it was freezing on the boat and the island! It was very informative though telling us facts about the civil war. Fort Sumpter was actually where the Civil War started, it was awesome to be able to walk through this preserved peace of our history. We were the last tour of the day so we were able to watch them take down the flag before leaving as well.

When we got back from Fort Sumpter we took a walk through Waterfront Park and waited for the sun to set. The sun sets in the west, but it was still a nice evening to take a seat in the park before we went to dinner. They have a ton of palmetto trees and beautiful fountains decorating the park.

We were lucky enough to be visiting Charleston during Restaurant Week! We chose Fleet Landing based on something Elliot might want to try and something my picky self would like. We ended up having a great dinner, I tried stuffed hush puppies for the first time and Elliot tried She-Crab Soup and triggerfish. While we spent a bit of money, it was nice to stuff ourselves with delicious local seafood!


Overall, we enjoyed Charleston! We wished we had more time there to visit more of the city but since a lot of it is historic we couldn’t cram everything into one day. Maybe next time!


One thought on “Day 15 – Charleston, SC

  1. I didn’t realize that Fort Sumpter was the beginning of the Civil War! How interesting. Make sure you eat lots of fish as you travel along the southern coast. While on the west coast of Florida, I enjoyed lots of Grouper, Pompano and Hogfish. Make sure you ask where the fish is from! The Lobster and Scallops get shipped in from New England. Love the photos!


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