Day 3 & 4 – Washington DC

It happened! It’s snowing… Right now we’re stuck in Maryland, our plans were to go camping in the Outer Banks for the next two days but the snow put a damper on that. We were trying to make plans to go West even though it wasn’t our original route plan but we looked at the temperature and I’m not sure we’re ready to camp in 13 degree weather. So for now we’re going to veg out in Maryland and wait for Virginia and North Carolina to get back up and running.

Yesterday, however, was amazing! We did the American thing to do and visited Washington DC. We’ve both been here in the past, but it’s definitely different going as an adult than it is going in 8th grade. We visited The National Museum of the American Indian, The National Air and Space MuseumWashington Monument, The World War II Memorial, District of Columbia War Memorial, The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, The Lincoln Memorial and The White House.

It was super cold outside! But we wanted to see the Lincoln Memorial at night, so we took some time to walk over to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial and the Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Memorial again. We hadn’t seen Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Memorial yet, it didn’t open until 2011 and it did not disappoint! It sits right next to the Tidal Basin that Jefferson’s Memorial is across from.

We rested by the water for a bit and walked over to the Reflection Pool to see The Lincoln Memorial from a distance then walked down. After the sun set it got COLD. It was already cold, but holy moly. We took some photos but we made it quick so we could make it over to The White House. Where I actually didn’t get any good photos because the closest entrance to view it was closed, we actually almost walked past it. However, if you’re ever in DC and can swing seeing The Lincoln Memorial at night, do it! The view of The Washington Monument from The Lincoln Memorial is reason enough to go.

After walking so much we worked up quite an appetite and I promised Elliot I would try Ethiopian food. For those who don’t know, I am the single most picky person on the face of the planet but it worked out! We took an Uber to Chercher and we shared a large beef tibs plate. It was interesting, but good! The sauces were super spicy for me though, but the rest was great. We ended that night seeing TAUK and Lettuce at the 9:30 club. We took an Uber back to our car at the train station in Maryland, which by the way.. for anybody visiting DC and planning to take the train, it’s more like a subway system. Would’ve been easier for me to understand if I had known that to begin with!

Since we did so much walking yesterday, today has been a day for resting. The snow definitely helped us (forced us) to do so. We’ll see what tomorrow brings and see if the highways are clear enough for us to make our way into North Carolina!


6 thoughts on “Day 3 & 4 – Washington DC

  1. Thanks Ashley. I hope you keep up with the blog, its going to be a great document some day looking back. I love the photographs too, esp the Lincoln memorial at night. Im not surprised you didnt try camping.. thats a bit cold, but at some point it will warm up. Nothing like snuggling in the cold. xxx safe travels. alan

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    1. I think our new plan is to go to Charlotte tomorrow/Monday depending on the weather and the highways. We’ll go to OBX when it warms up a bit. It’s supposed to get a bit warmer after Tuesday 🙂


  2. Glad you are enjoying your trip so far.Love the night photo.Looks like Mother Nature is providing you with some forced relaxation and rejuvenation.Looking forward to your next update.


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