Day 2; Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Skyline

Well, it was pretty cold today… but Elliot and I managed to get ourselves up to Baltimore to check out the city. The forecast was calling for snow starting around 7 pm so we wanted to make sure that we would be done with our adventures before it started. Rumor is that Maryland and DC don’t exactly handle snow so well, surprising to us since we’re really not far south yet at all! We did some research on parking before we left then drove up. Our original plan was to check out Baltimore’s Museum of Art, but we decided against it so we didn’t have to pay for parking twice since it was pretty out of the way from other things we wanted to do. We found a relatively inexpensive parking garage a few blocks away from Walter’s Art Museum and made our decision to go there. In the same area there is the original Washington Monument and the Peabody Library.

Washington Monument

Walter’s Art Museum is totally free, but you can of course donate. This museum has an art collection from all over the world dating from pre-dynastic Egypt to 20th century Europe. We didn’t finish the entire museum but we saw some great exhibits! Everything from paintings to jewelry to armory.

When you exit the museum, the original George Washington Monument is to the left if you leave from the front of the building. You can take tours of it, but we didn’t go inside, we just snapped some photos and went on to see the Peabody Library. On our way out of the city later though we saw that the Christmas lights were lit and it looked awesome!

George Washington Monument

Okay, so the Peabody Library… I was told to go, I’ve read that you have to go, and honestly if we weren’t already right across the street we probably wouldn’t have gone BUT once we were in there I was so amazed. This library was on Time’s “20 Most Beautiful Libraries In The World” list, and it did not disappoint. This 5 floor library is part of John Hopkin’s University, completely free to go check it out, and again… totally worth it.

After we left the warmth of this library we took a 30-minute walk down to Inner Harbor, it started to flurry a bit. We went down to Inner Harbor and didn’t really know what to do with ourselves, it’s a pretty tourist-y area. I can imagine in the summertime it’s pretty crowded but we were practically the only ones walking around. We went to Pierce’s Park, which was awesome! It’s pretty much a playground, but not really. Elliot and I had a great time playing with the “musical fence” that was there. After we took a water taxi (also free!) across the bay to take a photo of the Baltimore skyline. It was still snowing a bit and was FREEZING on the water, so after that photo we decided to make our 30-minute trek back to the car.

Pierce's Park

We’re hopeful that it won’t snow tonight and making it into Washington DC will be pretty easy! We have lots of plans for tomorrow!


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