One Week til the Adventure Begins

How do you look at the new year and try to decide what else you can do for your life when you’ve already gotten everything you’ve ever wanted out of an entire year? While I’ve had my ups and downs (my fair share of downs) I look back on 2016 and realize that I’ve never been happier. I took some falls (literally), but overall I’m coming out looking at that silver lining because I’ve spent it with someone who was always there for me, was able to share some amazing memories with and is constantly showing me that there’s some good in this world. In one week I’m taking a road trip around our beautiful country with my boyfriend, Elliot.
I write this now because I have an hour to kill while I’m getting my car serviced in preparation. While we’re super behind on what we need to get done, we’re sort of winging it anyways so I guess it doesn’t matter much. We’ve got some stops in mind, but we’re definitely open to some ideas, have you been somewhere super cool that we need to see? Let me know, PLEASE! We’ll try to get there! Want to see us while we’re on the road? Let me know! If we’re near you we’ll stop, grab some grub 😉

I promise this wasn’t drawn by a drunk 4 year old. Just a drunk 25 year old.

3 thoughts on “One Week til the Adventure Begins

  1. Awesome trip route! I am looking into a road trip in the US for september so its great to see some places you have already visited on your road trip for inspiration.

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